You are invited to attend and participate in the 2014 Lincoln County Fair held in Eureka, Montana. In the pages of this booklet you will find the listings of categories for fair entries and exhibits, premium awards and primary events of the 2014 Fair. Examine the book closely. Also, watch locally for postings and advertisements concerning events. The fair is a constantly evolving institution and plans are not always finalized at the time of publication. If you have concerns or questions please contact a board member or the secretary at the Fair office at North Lincoln County Annex (Contact Form). We encourage you to come, relax, visit, eat, enjoy, compete, and share your special talents with your friends, neighbors, and guests. SEE YOU AT THE FAIR!


The Lincoln County Fair is the official Fair for the county and is operated under the auspices of the County Commissioners for the primary purpose of education and encouraging the people of Lincoln County towards raising better farm and garden products and cooking, canning, sewing and the arts. Although entertainment is provided to attract attention and attendance the Fair basically educational in all its various divisions. School exhibits, club booths, commercial exhibits, federal, state and county exhibits all have their part in the educational value of the Fair. By offering many premiums in all phases of 4-H and youth entries, the Fair aids materially in encouraging participation in this valuable training for our youth.

The Fair Board appreciates the help and support given by the people of Lincoln County towards the success of the Fair by their yearly increasing exhibits and participation.


  • Mark Peck, Libby
  • Greg Larson, Troy
  • Mike Cole, Eureka


  • Leslie Graves, Chairman of the Board, Eureka
  • Board Member Needed, Libby
  • Board Member Needed, Libby
  • Betty Mack, Troy
  • Marion Eash, Eureka
  • Sara Sherwood, Eureka
  • Sharon LaBonty, Eureka
  • Shelby Fowler, Eureka


Lois Sciligo

2017 Fair Dates - August 24 – 27, 2017